Working with IP Address is IP address which is used as default IP address in some internet home router’s models. This IP is a private address, so it can be specified for every device on a LAN, which is tuned to use certain address range

Connection to router using IP address

Every admin can get into router’s web interface, which is usually called as router’s console, by typing in web browser’s URL bar. Full URL is looks like:

Browser starts to request router’s admin entering information. This is information is consisted of login and password.

Advanced administrator can change their default router’s IP address to custom if this IP is more convenient for them. Some owners of routers think that this IP address is simpler to memorize than other IPs, but there are not any objective profits between other IP addresses.

Meaning of for Local Clients

Every admin can specify this IP address to another device on the LAN. IT can be specified manually and dynamically (with usage of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

IF you want use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, you must be sure that locates in range of addresses. Staring of router’s of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol range at means that there a lot of different addresses with lower numbers, so there is high chance that won’t be used. Advanced administrators specify to be fin beginning of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol pool.

Manual method of specifying IP provides to use this address only if network mast is set right.

Work principle of IP address has status of a private address, so you can’t use this address to connect to home wireless router if you are outside of home network
It can be used by administrator in the local area only.

Clients and routers don’t have different experience of home network productivity or safety from this address matched to some different private network IP.

Troubles with using of

There are some confuses which can be caused of confuse with other IPs. 192.168.1.x IP addresses are used by home networks more often than 192.168.100.x IP addresses.

You can specify only for single device. Better if administrators would avoid specifying IP address when it includes to router’s Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol pool. If you don’t follow this rule, there will be IP address conflicts and IP address will be specified to different device instead of device that already using it.