How to change router password

Keeping in mind the end goal to make your home or business network secure you have to uproot all potential section focuses for programmers or unapproved clients. One of such assault focuses is your router administrative interface. On the off chance that client with malevolent goal obtains entrance to your router administrative interface then he can do intense harm to your network security. For instance he can change firewall settings to permit following programming on the network or perform significantly more unpredictable assaults. To keep this from happening you have to make a point to dependably change your router password from default to an in number and secure one. The following things will be the best solution:

1) Connect to your router administrative interface from your program. Router administrative interface is normally accessible on or If none of these IPs work please read our article that will help you to get the router IP address.

2) Login to administrative interface. If you are unable to login and don’t remember your password take a stab at doing after:
– Lookup your router default password, which you can find in instructions.
– Try to check whether router`s password is composed on your router. Numerous ISPs leave stickers on a router or modem with login data.
– Check web for default username/password combinations for your particular router.
– If nothing works you may need to reset your router. Check your manual for particular guidelines on plant reset. Make sure you know how to restore your web settings since production line reset will reset them. Do industrial facility reset just as a last alternative when nothing else helps.

3) Once you have admittance to your router administrative interface go to the “organization” tab. There you will have the capacity to change password for your router. You must be sure that your new secret word is solid and contains both capitalized and lowercase letters, numbers and exceptional images. On the off chance that you think you may overlook your secret word then record it and store in secure place or store it in secure password supervisor application. Try not to leave any of your passwords in spots which are effectively open to other individuals.

4) If you have different gadgets (for instance both router and modem) on the network pay attention that none of them uses default passwords.