Default router passwords

The majority of wi-fi routers are produced with documentation that includes default passwords. While logging on to the router for the first time you will have to type the password in a login form.

But there are cases when you are unable to have access to the password (router is a gift, it is a pre-owned one, the documentation is simply lost). The good thing to know is that default passwords for routers are exactly one and the same, when it comes to a certain brand. It will not take much effort for you to recover the default password for your router just having a look at its brand and model.

If you have a suspicion that your password was changed and you don’t know the new secret word there is one more choice left for you: router hard reset. You have to lookup documentation for that particular router and make sense of how to do a hard reset (as a rule you simply press a certain button on a router for some time).

The following steps we’re giving you a speedy rundown of most well known router usernames and secret key which presumably cover 90% of all routers. On the off chance that your router is not there please hunt down particular model of that router and include word “password” to it. This will most likely give you the right reply. We’re likewise taking a shot at switch secret word database inside of this site.

The list of default router’s login and password details

D-Link routers

All D-Link routers use username: admin
D-Link DI-514 and DI-524, DI-804, DI-604, DI-704 – use empty password.
All other D-Link routers: admin

Netgear routers

Default user: admin
Default passwords: (empty)
Netgear MR314, RT314 and certain other old models: 1234

Linksys routers

Possible user and password combinations:
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: Administrator
Password: admin

Username: admin
Password (empty)

Belkin routers

Default username: admin
Default password: none
Netgear WGR614 v4: setup
All other Netgear routers: password