Unable to resolve error


You write in your router and it gives you “404 page not discovered” lapse or sidetracks you to look.

Fast Resolution (won’t generally work)

Attempt other well known router IP addresses like:
One of them may work and give you router organization page.

Determination (longer yet ought to dependably work)

The issue could be illuminated by discovering right router address from the network settings of your PC.
Here is the means by which you can do it.

Macintosh OS:

1) Click “Apple” in the principle menu and select Network Preferences.
2) Click “Network” symbol in the window which will open
3) You will see a rundown of accessible networks. Select the particular case that is active (typically it is green)
4) Click on “Advanced…” catch.
5) Select “TCP/IP” tab.
6) Your router IP address will be in the “Router:” line.
7) Type this IP address in your program and you ought to see a screen with your router administration interface

Windows 8/10 OS:

1) Press “Begin” catch on your console.
2) Start writing “Control Panel” until you will see Control Panel component appear in the pursuit sheet.
3) Launch “Control Panel”
4) Select “Network and Sharing Center”
5) Click on “Change Adapter Settings” component on the right half of “Network and Sharing Center”
6) Double tap on the connection which is active right now. An inert connection is normally stamped with red X.
7) You will see little data dialog with connection subtle elements including velocity, length of time, and so on. Click on “Details…” button there.
8) Your router address will be in IPv4 Default Gateway line.