169.254 IP router problem


– Your PC join with wi-fi or has system link connected to.
– Internet is not meeting expectations
– You get appointed 169.254.*.* address (where * could be any number)

Issue depiction:

Your router is not able to connect to DHCP server. DHCP server is a network administration which gives dynamic IP addresses to PCs which join with the network. At the point when Windows OS PC is not able to discover DHCP server on the network or neglects to join then it will assigne address from 169.254 family to that PC.



By and large 169.254.*.* ip address implies that it is possible that you physically are not connected to the network (something is broken) or something is erroneously setup in your PC.
Check for equipment issues: be sure that every single cabling functions. In the event that you have extra links attempt to use them to make sure that it is not identified with that.


System 1:

Attempt to set static address for your PC. In case you think your router address is you can have a go at appointing your PC 192.168.1.x where x any number bigger than 1. By having static IP address you PC won’t need to get to DHCP server.

System 2:

Discharge and restore PC IP address. Run cmd.exe under Administrator consents and execute taking after orders:

System 3:

Have a go at taking after charges from cmd.exe propelled in Administrator mode:
netsh int ip
reset c:\tcp.txt netsh winsock reset