Way of entering in router’s web-interface using is default IP address for Dlink routers to enter in administrator panel (other manufacturers usually use IP address. Don’t forget that your router must be connected by network cable. It’s not important if you don’t have Internet connection, because you can configure it using LAN.


  1. Connect your device to PC or laptop by network cable.
  2. Type in URL address bar of your Internet browsers.
  3. Here will be bars, where you should type your username and passkey. Use “admin” in both bars.

As told above, other manufacturers use IP to enter in admin panel.

If your try aren’t failed, you can begin to configure your Wi-Fi connection. There are some situations when users can’t enter in administration panel using (here is a message that page not found or login/password isn’t correct). What users should do in this case?

How to solve problem with entering in

The most common problems:

  • Problems that are related with router cable connection to PC
  • Incorrect settings properties of the TCP/IP Protocol
  • Connection is blocked by firewall or network screen

Let’s find out reasons more detailed.

You should check ping to diagnose problem. To do it, you need open Command Prompt, which can be opened by Win+R combination, and type here “ping” (without quotes).

If there is message “Timed out for the request” and shows that 100% losses, that mean there are some problems with connection. Be sure that your router is connected to PC or laptop correctly by Ethernet cable.

If your router has more than one ports, you should try to connect each in turn.

If ping goes, but you can’t connect to 192.168.O.1, it’s necessary to check network settings.

Here is a way how to check it: “Control Panel” — “Network connections” — “Network and Internet” — “Network and Sharing center”. Here you should open “Change network adapter settings”. Press right mouse button, choose LAN and open “Properties”.

Type in IP address bar (subnet mask is, opening TCP/IPv4, and apply settings.

Let’s try to connect again. If connection is failed, it’s necessary to continue.

You should turn off firewall, all antivirus software and network screens on short period. It’s necessary to check connection. Try to enter in configuration panel using again.

If this method doesn’t work, you should try this by different internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera).

If nothing happens and you can’t connect, you should do recovery of your device. This method must works, but not everyone knows how to reset router. Don’t panic, here will be instruction below.

It’s necessary to find special button on body of your device. Press it and hold it for short period. Resetting process will take about 2 minutes. After that, you can try enter in admin panel again.

If these methods don’t work, maybe problem is in your device. In this case, you should firmware it or flashing.

When you get access to your web-interface using username and passkey, you can continue to configure wireless Internet connection. If you have some question, let us know about it.