Asus RT-N56U

One of the unique features of the router RT-N56U produced by the Asus company is autonomous files’ downloading. This characteristic allows downloading files via uTorrent и HTTP protocols to the connected storage device without using a computer. Downloading of files from the p2p-traffic is happening at a speed of 10 MB / s. UTorrent protocol handles 100 tasks without a speed limit. The main advantage of this function is that at such a load on the device it has a little influence on the speed of Internet access and the use of the web interface .
Asus RT-N56U has a high productivity. The high speed of data reception at the local network remains the same. When working with the PPTP and L2TP connections it freely provides the maximal speed equal to 100 Mbit / s that is a high speed of the network data reception.

Asus RT-N56U features

A characteristic feature of Asus RT-N56U is the use of two independent of radio modules. First module is designed for the 2.4 GHz band and uses a 2T2R, 2T3R, the second one is used in the 5 GHz band.

Comparing Asus RT-N56U with other known routers in the 2.4 GHz band it does not particularly stand out. But in the test band of 5 GHz this model significantly surpassed the results of the D-Link DWA-140, NETGEAR WNA1100 and TP-Link TL-WN821N.
In the band of 2,4 GHz router shows rather good results : 130-145 Mbit / s. As we see the wired network having 100 Mbit is already not the limit. Hardware Asus RT-N56U is fully capable to accelerate even further. Manufacturers designed it with spare capacity.
With regard to speed of data transferring from the router to the Client the speed was 160 Mbit / s. The speed from the Client to the router reached up to 200 Mbit /s . Such data gives unconditional withdrawal of the device on the first place in terms of other models on the domestic market.
In general the router Asus RT-N56U will satisfy even the most demanding users as it is powerful, fast and multi-functional. It does not disappoint consumers as outwardly it also looks stylish and beautiful. Compact sizes make the router suitable for different placement options.

Model overview

The firmware of the model works well. It supports all connection modes, in particular IPTV, VPN and various connections in the global network. Of course some inaccuracies in its work have a place but they are quite insignificant.
The device-esteem can be enumerable . Two autonomous radio modules, powerful hardware stuffing, high speed, support for connected devices and other advantages make the Asus RT-N56U truly unique in the domestic market.
The average cost of the device in our country has made $ 93.

Default data for login to router of IP/username/password is