How to find router`s IP address in Windows

Issue depiction

Client needs to get to router administration interface in a program however IP of the router is obscure.


It is quite easy to find a router IP address in Windows. But pay attention that you got both modem and router in your network, because the technique we show you helps to reveal you IP address of one of them.
Below you will find out how to find router IP address in Windows 7 and 8. On more established Windows OS variants steps are just about the same concerning Windows 7.

Windows 7

1) Start with pressing “Begin” button.
2) Choose “Control Panel” in the start menu
3) Click on “Network and Sharing Center” symbol
5) Click on “Change Adapter Settings” component
6) Click twice on the connection which is active now. A latent connection is normally stamped with red X or turned gray out.
7) You will see little data dialog with connection subtle elements including pace, length of time, and so on. Click on “Details…” button.
8) Your router address will be shown in IPv4 Default Gateway line.

Steps for Windows 8

1) Press “Start” button on your keyboard.
2) Start typing “Control Panel” until you will see Control Panel element show up in the search pane.
3) Launch “Control Panel”
4) Select “Network and Sharing Center”
5) Click on “Change Adapter Settings” element on the right side of “Network and Sharing Center”
6) Double click on the connection which is currently active. An inactive connection is usually marked with red X.
7) You will see small information dialog with connection details including speed, duration, etc. Click on “Details…” button there.
8) You router address will be in IPv4 Default Gateway line.

Setup your router in windows 10

1) Press the “Start” button.
2) Click on the “Settings”.
3) Select the “Network & Internet” icon in the Windows taskbar that appears.
4) Next choose “Change adapter options”.
5) Select active connection and double click on it. Not active connection is marked as a red symbol X.
6) Then also press “Details”.
7) The address of your router you will be able to see right next to “IPv4 Default Gateway”.

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Note! You can discover the router’s address through a command line interfacein any version of Windows. Press “Start+R” on your keyboard and type there cmd.

setup router

Then, in the appeared window, type in ipconfig and press “Enter”. The address of your router will be displayed next to Default Gateway.