Understanding ipconfig tool output

In case you are attempting to investigate issues with network connection then ipconfig is one of the instruments that you will dependably use.
Give me a chance to first portray how to run it:
– Launch cmd.exe
– Type ipconfig/all (choice/all will show all associations on you’re PC)
Presently we should take a gander at the yield:
DHCP Enabled – in the event that it is set to yes then it implies that IP address of your PC is alterably doled out to your PC by router. In the event that it is set to No then most likely iP address of your PC is static.
Portrayal – short depiction of the network connection (it for the most part has gadget name as a feature of it)
IPv6 address – IP address in new IPv6 convention. This convention is utilized as a part of Internet since IPv4 is coming up short on IP addresses.
IPv4 address – IP address of your PC in the local network. Take note that this address will be not quite the same as the one you will get on “what is my IP” sites since they see your outside IP address – not the inward one.

Default portal – IP address of a router which you use in order to connect to Internet
DHCP server – adress of server which doles out element adresses to the PCs on the router
Subnet cover – this parameter characterizes what scope of addresses your router can dole out to PCs in the network it oversees.
Physical address – this is alleged MAC address of your PC. It is novel to your PC and is made for recognizing your PC on the network.