Way of returning your forgotten WiFi password on the MAC

It’s hard to imagine modern person without own wireless network. To provide security, everyone sets password on network, but people aren’t perfect creatures, so we can forget this password. What if you are on of this people and you have device with MAC operating system? You just need to know your admin account passkey and follow steps below.

  1. Firstly, you should open ”Access app”.
  2. Here you can see “System” in the Keychains menu section and “Passwords” in Category menu. These actions provide you to see list with passwords you stored.
  3. Find network from which you are trying to get passkey and click on it twice by left mouse button.
  4. Here will appear special window, where you can see field used for stored password. Click on ‘Show password’ to make password available to see.
  5. Here will be request to authorization using your administrator identification information. It’s necessary to do these actions from account with admin privileges. If you aren’t sure of what account you use at this moment, you can check home icon in the Favorites menu using Finder app. Here will be folder with the same name as your username.
  6. After all these actions have done, you could see your wireless network password in mentioned in step 4 window.