How to test local network for problems

It is very important to understand your local network and how to fix the problems. Indeed, even if there is 24 hours support accessible on some ISP, it still makes things quite difficult. While support says that they have no problems you can be stuck with your inner network issues. Being able to find the solution to a certain problem could be very useful for you.

Network layout (topology)

First of all you must be sure that you understand your network layout. Most likely it will be one of the following:
a) Modem – > Router (Cable+Wi-Fi) – > PC
b) Modem (Cable+Wi-Fi) – > PC
In the second case Modem will work as a router and comprehend that keeping in mind the end goal to settle router related issues you will have to connect to modem administrative interface.

To get a few insights about your network sort ipconfig/all from cmd.exe propelled under Administrative benefits. This order will reveal to you bunches of helpful data about your network including address of the default gateway (for instance we will utilize

If there should be an occurrence of format a) this address will be address of your router. What’s more, if there should arise an occurrence of b) it will be the modem`s address.

Check connection with default gateway

Presently sort taking after summon in cmd.exe dispatched under Administrative benefits.
Rather than you ought to use default gateway address you got in past step (ipconfig/all)
On the off chance that you see answers then it implies that your PC can see modem or router with no issues.
Likewise you can sort in your program and check whether this will stack router authoritative interface. In the event that yes then you most likely have great connection with your router and you don’t have to look whether link is awful or wi-fi is not living up to expectations.
On the off chance that ping order doesn’t return answers then something isn’t right between connection of that particular PC and router. If you have a few PCs check if every one of them use the same default passage IP address. If not – then something may not be right with that PC arrangement. Likewise for this situation it bode well to check on the off chance that you may have a few issues in PC programming of router equipment and counsel support on that.