How to change Wi-Fi password

  1. You need to get on router option page. To get there, you need use your Internet browser on PC which is connected to network. There are some situations when you can use your wireless network connection, because of forgotten password. Connect your PC to router by cable. That is of things that you need to do to get password from Wi-Fi.
    • You can find default router passwords on our website. Usually, the most of routers use and IP addresses.
    • If you type these addresses, but they don’t work, try command prompt method. Press Windows key + R and then type “cmd” in appeared window. It will be opened. You need write ipconfig here and push Enter button. Here you need find Default Gateway line in appeared list. It’s IP address what you should use to get in configuration page.
    • If failures continue, you should hold Reset button for half a minute. After that, your router would back to factory default settings. Try type default IP addresses of your router again.
    • Some manufacturers bundle their routers with special soft. You can use soft as home router web interface, but only after it has been installed.
  2. You need to enter login information. You can’t get access to your router’s configuration page without name and passkey. Default passkeys and logins are usually both “admin” or “admin” and “password”, but only if you don’t change it. Default password depends on manufacturers who developed router. If you lost your paper with default password of your router, you can find it here.
    • Moreover, here is one more way of finding default passkey. You can use Reset button. Press it and hold for half a minute. After that all setting will be back to default factory settings including username and password.
  3. You need to open “Wireless” after you logged into routers web interface page. Some manufacturers can use different names of this section. As example, it can looks like “Wireless” and “Wireless Settings/Setup”.
    • After you opened “Wireless”, here can be a lot of other sections. You need to open security page.
  4. Then you need to think about password changing. Find password box. Don’t forget that here can be different names of it. Enter wishful password here. Some interfaces can ask you type your new passkey again to be sure that you wrote it correctly.
    • If you don’t want to share your private information with hackers, better to think up about strong password. Someone, who want to hack you, should guess password easily. Moreover, password shouldn’t include !, $, # symbols and should be easy to remember it.
    • Usual number of symbols for difficult password is eight.
  5. Don’t forget to visit your security options where you can see different type of Wi-Fi encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA2). The latest security encryption type is WPA2. Recommend you to use it. Old versions of routers can have some failures with modern types of data protection, but you always can change type of protection. Our team don’t recommend you to use WEP encryption because of it easily of breaking. Advanced hacker can break WEP protection for half an hour.
  6. Changing wireless router name is important thing too. Wireless network name is public, so you need to think up about that thorough. That change would help people to find certain wireless network in huge list of networks. Not difficult name is bait for hackers.
  7. After all done actions, the most important to save all changes. In every section, where you do that steps, you can find Save button. It’s locating depends on manufacturers, but the most popular place is bottom. Saving process can take some time. Don’t disconnect device when you save changes.
    • After all steps, you can visit router’s web interface by using specified name and password.