How to check what devices connected to my network

This article will be interested for people, who have they own wireless network. Most of the users already protected their networks with password, but sometimes it’s interesting to check what devices connected to network. In this article we would tell you about the easiest method of finding out, who have unauthorized access to your wireless network.

To do it, you just need to enter in router’s configuration page and check necessary information.

Below will be shown as it can be done in more detail. As example, we will use TP-Link TL-WR841N wireless router.

What devices are connected to network?

To enter in router’s configuration panel, we need type device’s address in web browser URL bar. Our router uses as default address. If it doesn’t work in your case, you can try In case, when both addresses are none-working, you can find your router’s address in manual or on sticker, which can be found on device’s body.

Enter your credentials in specified fields. Usually, you just need to type “admin” in username and password fields and press enter.

After that, we are on configuration page. Here we need to find page, where we can check current connection. If you are TP-Link owner, click on “Wireless” tab and choose “Wireless Statistics”. Now, you should see table with devices, that are connected to your wireless network. Moreover, you will see advanced information like MAC address, encryption type, number of transferred packets. 

In additional tab you can check not only wireless connections to your network, but wired connections too.

Enter in “DHCP” and then click “DHCP Clients List”. Most of the users will see here their PCs, because usually PC is connected router with Ethernet cable. Information on this page is more detailed than on previous page. In addition to the above, there are names and IP addresses of connected devices. “Refresh” button will update connection statistic.

If you are D-LINK router owner, you should search “Active session” tab and check all connected devices here.

How to understand that someone use your network without your consent. How to distinguish your MAC address from someone else’s. Firstly, you should find MAC address of your devices. As example, in you smartphone in can be done in settings. Here you should tap on tab with information about your device. Check your MAC address. Every device has its own method of finding MAC.

If you found someone else’s MAC address in connection list, better to block access for him. To do it, check “Wireless MAC filtering” tab and add new MAC address with “Disabled” parameter.

Good luck and keep your network safe!